Friday, May 27, 2011

Trip back

If you haven't heard, I've made it back to the place called home. While red slippers didn't get me here, a red car did. It was a fairly uneventful trip. Only hit stand still traffic once, and thanks to my great luck was stuck behind two cattle trucks for that time period. It's not that I hate being stuck behind them because of the smell. I can handle that. It's how disgusting my windshield gets. One of the scariest things that happened involves my windshield. For some reason while I was driving through Nashville, every cicada in the area decided that they wanted to fly down the highway in the opposite direction. I was not expecting this so when the first one hit my car, I screamed. And not the little girl, "Oh help! A spider! Big burly man come save me!" kind of scream. I mean the blood curdling, someone just got stabbed kind of scream. Not that it really mattered because I was the only one in the car and no one could hear me. The difference still needed to be made. That was terrifying. Giant bugs hitting windshields is not fun.

So now that I'm back, not much else has been accomplished. I'm on a crochet break until I get my room straightened out and find all my yarn again. About all I've done is transplant my sunflowers, empty my car and create a walking path from the door to my bed in my room. Yup. That's it. Oh and discover the joy of watching a cat chase a laser light. That's real fun right there, mmhmm. Tomorrow is going to be eventful. I'm headed down to Joplin with the rescue I help with to retrieve a couple dogs who don't have a home to stay in with their families. I'm excited about the chance to help out. Specially since it's in my area and it's something I am passionate about. Also, get to talk to the new boss at my work about getting my job back for the summer! Yeah! I don't foresee any problems with that, but you never know. If that falls through, my hope remains with an interview in KC with an agency. Let's just cross our fingers on both of those...

So, that catches us up to now. Now it's 11:55, which feels like 12:55. Amazing how one hour can make a ton of difference. When I went from Germany to US and visa versa, no jet lag. NC to AZ/CA, nada. Eastern time to Central, walking dead. Crazy. Well, I'm off to slumberland to get ready for tomorrow. Fare thee well!