Sunday, September 20, 2009


I have found that the later in the day it is, the sicker I am and greater the pile of homework I have the more spiritual things get to me. Not real sure if its the medicine or just the combination of those specific things that gets me into that mood where I feel like I can read the entire bible in one sitting and glen millions of truths from it that will be remembered for always and ever. Granted, I can never see that ever happening. Not the reading in one sitting-done that before- but the gaining of truths that will last forever. Everytime I read, there's something new and its not always remembered. Somethings are remembered, but not all. I suppose that is why its reccomended to write things down that you think is important. But its the effort of trying to remember that is important.

This made a lot more sense before I started writing. So I think this is where it is going to end.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Sneak day was yesterday. It was pretty awesome, in my oh so humble opinion. We were able to go to Triple R ranch in Chesapeake---which has horses, but we didnt rent them. Slight dissapointment there. But, it was still awesome because they had a skate area with boards. Managed to land a mini half and a flat ramp after several falls. Feeling the effects of it today, but gosh dang it, I did it! I'm so proud of myself too for it. It was great to be able to have a day off of classes and hang out with the other students.
Other than that awesome day, its been pretty chill here. Nothing is overly terrible. Its
Gel is still amazing. Love my gel family.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Life before Sunday Night Live is always hectic. Even without all the added stress of homework, sometimes just the fact of wanting to make it the most awesome one ever is enough. I guess its that perfectionist in me. Cazy thing is, its not even mine to really worry about. But thats me.
Anyway...its been crazy stressful week. Thats life. Thats all I really say. Peace

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Christian Porn

I loved this blog today. You should go check it out

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

sept 1

I got a call this morning, and of course its during chapel so I cannot answer it...nor did I notice I even got a call till after I got out of there. And since then, at least 20 calls to various numbers have been made in a oviously futile attempt to reach the person who called me. Makes me wish thing were easier and I could just walk down the road to see what the call was about. Or ride my bike. That seems a whole lot better because I'd rather bike than walk any day.
Its been a crazy day so far. Woke up early, confused and really not in a good mood. Chapel solved that. Got to class late- again. For some reason I keep thinking my Tuesday/Thursday class meets at 11 and not 10:30 when it really does. I've only been on time for that class once. And that was the day I didnt even know where the class was meeting. Not the grandest of days thus far. Doesn't help that I've been ticked off the the most of it because the person I'm trying to reach isn't picking up and the weight of all the other things that are on my mind and person are finally getting to me. In sucks.
At least there are a couple things to look forward to this week...I hope. Open dorm is this week, and that can go either way. It'll either be lots of fun, or crazy and not fun at all. Either way its a distaction. Hopefully a friend is coming down this week too. Which Im pretty stoked about because I would love to see someone other than the faces I've seen everyday for a while. Plus it'd be nice to actually speak with someone who is intelligent and normal and has the same sense of humor.
Crap I miss Germany.
Hopefully I can go back next summer. I really want to. I miss all the things there and the people. I miss going to talk to the refugees in the morning and seeing their faith. Going out at night with the Stammtisch group and speaking english with people and not having to translate what I'm saying. The struggle of speaking with the people in the town and trying my best to convey what I mean to say in another language and failing terribly but still having a good time doing it. I miss hearing the language and reading the signs and feeling hopelessly lost for an hour or so but enjoying it all the while. I wish I can be there now.
I should be doing the homework for the class I have in an hour. But it feels useless and I know that I can turn it in later without much problem. Too bad I can't shove the rest of life away and deal with it later.
How can you see God when everything is black?