Wednesday, July 20, 2011

catching up

It's been a while. Not sure how long because I didn't go and check the date on the last blog. I'm going to say that the posts have slowed because of summer. Which they very well have. It's quite difficult to keep up when your internet makes you cry on a near daily basis. Plus, there really isn't anything to report. My summer has been all work and very little play. When I'm not at the store, I'm at the rescue. It's busy, but I like it.I'm currently doing a fair bit of research into psych dogs and that stuff. It may be the area I want to pursue provided my acting career dies out.

This weekend I'll be doing a 3k. I know that isn't very far and everything, but I'm doing it after no exercise this whole summer, in 90 degree weather at 8am. Oh, and I'm taking a service dog with me. Yup. There's this town picnic too and I'll be taking two service dogs with me there. That's going to be tons of fun for me! Yesterday we pulled out the kiddie pool at the rescue and got a few of the dogs out to play in the water. That ws great fun, however I did end up soaked!

Really isn't much else to report. I've been doing up a bunch of mice and have worked out a sweater pattern for dogs. First one was for a chihuahua and when I get time to load the pics I will. So that's all. If you would, it'd be sweet if you could like our facebook page. :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


so that's the like box for the rescue i'm working with this summer. it's been really great working with them.
also, there's a cafepress shop that i set up for them. if you
want to go there click here. it's pretty neat and i'm pretty
proud of it. anyway, if you have a facebook, please go and 'like'
the page. i'd really appreciate it. thanks!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


The new page for the rescue I work with is up! After a week of dedicated, hard work and lots of slobber on my camera- it is done! If you would, take a moment, look at the page and all the cute faces and then 'like' it. Here is the link Dog's Nation Thanks!!!