Monday, April 27, 2009

last week and mission update

Last week of schooling is upon us here at Roanoke Bible College. Its also known as the week that we cram a semester's worth of papers into sefven days and pray that we make it out alive. If you make it through, you get the blessed reward of summer. If not, well, then you fail.

Short little mission update...there's less than a month till I leave. Found out that I will be returning from Germany on June 19th at 11am and getting back to Missouri at 6:50 am the same day. $513 away from the goal folks!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mission update!

Here's a little update for y'all on the mission trip...

Thanks to my gel group holding the carwash the past Saturday to help raise funds for me to go I am 600 short of going on the trip!! And that's pretty dang cool! I also found out that I'll be able to go to "the aspen of Germany", maybe Bolgaria (?), and will definantly be helping with a church plant in Jena and Berlin. Which is thrilling to me! All the rest of the mission info is listed below in a previous post (its not hard to find...its labeled "Mission yo!" and has a logo attached). Gonna need some positive thought and prayer support to raise the next bit, so if you could lend yours that would be great! Thanks so much to everyone who has helped me so far! You guys are amazing!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

first phone blog!! ''You aren't call to come to Christ to just be good, you come to be godly.'' -askew

Monday, April 20, 2009

Almost summer....

So here's the 411...ain't been postin much because my laptop decided to commit suicide. At least that's what I'm calling it because I may be real techy and stuff, but I can't fix that. But not posting has freed up a bit of time to do interesting things...for example, I found out that glitter really does get everywhere and not many people appreciate that little sparkle in their day. My gel group really is the most amazing one ever. Chocolate bunnies should not be eaten in one sitting if they are bigger than your face. And last but not least, Redbox really can become like a best friend (11 movies in four days....amazing).

For those of you wondering about the mission trip...well this past Saturday, my gel group held a car wash for it. It was pretty spectacular and most of us got sunburned. There was a pretty great turn out, a maltese named Isabelle and lots of dancing. Unfortunately the dancing didn't make much...though we did have some rockin' moves! ---To the left...take it back now y' hop this time!--- A fair bit was raised and now I'm just about 2800 shy of the original goal! Getting close folks! Also-- still planning to leave on the 20th of May. Unless something drastic happens ya know.

Classes are about ready to come to an end here. Which is a relief and a pain. Relief because summer is just around the corner! But so are finals. And those are never fun. Unless you pass every single one with an "A" or they are on whether or not you can do the hokey pokey. That'd be pretty sweet...a final on the hokey pokey...I'd pass that.

Well folks, I've got to be going. But I will be setting up mobile blogging so the posting will be more frequent! I stuff gets me excited too.... Until later-- Peace!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

best times

For those who haven't caught up yet (or are completely baffled by the last post) Monday was my birthday. It was a pretty good day.....sans the classes part (haha). Went to Cardia (youth group) and chilled at the church office for a bit. It was a nice day. Then I got back and a couple of my friends came up to my room and surprised me with brownies and candles! Did not expect that at all. A hour or so later my ra comes in with cake balls! Not expected either! That was pretty cool. A few of the girls came in and hung out in my room for a bit, which was pretty nice.
Then last night I had gel group, which is amazing in and of itself. It was potluck night, which I loved! They had gotten me a cake! Which I didn't know about! And there were candles and singing and good times. My gel group seriously is the best ever. Not only did that all happen, but they are doing a car wash for my mission trip too! It'll be the 18th of April in VA'll know it by the hot pink signs! Last night I felt so overwhelmed by love. It was amazing. Is amazing.
So in short, I have amazing friends, amazing gel group and an upcoming car wash :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009


New year :)

Yay :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mission yo!

I mentioned a while ago that I got an internship with Kontaktmission USA To go to Germany. I got the specifics of where and what the other day. I'll be in Jena DE (DE stands for Germany) and will be helping with a church plant there. I'm really excited about this and feel really called to do this. I'm posting my support letter below for those of you who didn't recieve it, or would like the full story behind it all. Thanks :)

*Praise!! Some funds have been raised :) Only about 3100 left to go :) *
Dear Friends,

Great news! I have been given the opportunity to join the European mission organization Kontaktmission ( ) on a internship to Germany this upcoming summer. This internship is one that I've been looking to go on for a while now. Since high school, I've felt called to go to Germany and share the word with the people there. It is a post-Christian country; many of the people there are not spiritually active and some are not even aware of the Good News. There is a huge spiritual need in the cities, suburbs and rural areas of Germany. This internship gives me the opportunity to reach out to the people and take the first steps to long term mission work with Germans.

There will be several different facets to this internship. I will be helping a local church, learning the language and customs, working closely with German people and growing closer to God. Everything from church planting, to youth work, to basic church office work might be done. It will be a very busy, but rewarding summer.

How can you help? To start with, I'm asking for your support in prayer. Prayer for safety on the travel, guidance, clarity and in all the things that will be going on during the trip and before the trip. Prayer is the most important element of any mission work and I ask that you pray often, not just for me, but for the people that I will be working with too.

The other support I'll need is monetary. I will be leaving May 20 returning August 9 this upcoming summer.The internship will cost around $3700, including plane tickets, all meals, boarding, training, materials while overseas. Please consider supporting me in this. You can use the enclosed envelope to send a check made out to “KM USA” with “Rebecca Hail” in the memo line, if you would like. All donations that you make will be tax deductible.

Rob Harris, US Director of Kontaktmission, asked me to include the following statement from him in my letter:

It is one of the great joys of my job to work with college students who have a genuine desire to serve long-term as career missionaries. After speaking with Becca about her goals and education plans, it became clear to me that she is very serious about her intention to serve as a long-term missionary in Germany. Our organization offers people like her the opportunity to “hit the ground running” by participating in internships. What Becca will be doing is not just a youth group trip or “missions tourism,” but rather a ground-floor genuine missionary experience, individually created to help her reach her goal to God’s glory. Thank you very much for considering joining us in helping her to serve and learn. -RDH

I'm really excited about this opportunity and hope that God blesses you for all the support that you will provide! If you have any questions about this trip or Kontaktmission or anything else, please feel free to contact me! Thank you for all you have done for me!

In Him,



Currently I'm reading Wild at Heart. Yes I am fully aware I am a girl and am reading a boy's book....don't need to point that out. Its a really good book and everyone should give it a look. Unless you can't mentally change "men" to "people" while reading....then don't read it if you're a girl (haha)