Monday, April 20, 2009

Almost summer....

So here's the 411...ain't been postin much because my laptop decided to commit suicide. At least that's what I'm calling it because I may be real techy and stuff, but I can't fix that. But not posting has freed up a bit of time to do interesting things...for example, I found out that glitter really does get everywhere and not many people appreciate that little sparkle in their day. My gel group really is the most amazing one ever. Chocolate bunnies should not be eaten in one sitting if they are bigger than your face. And last but not least, Redbox really can become like a best friend (11 movies in four days....amazing).

For those of you wondering about the mission trip...well this past Saturday, my gel group held a car wash for it. It was pretty spectacular and most of us got sunburned. There was a pretty great turn out, a maltese named Isabelle and lots of dancing. Unfortunately the dancing didn't make much...though we did have some rockin' moves! ---To the left...take it back now y' hop this time!--- A fair bit was raised and now I'm just about 2800 shy of the original goal! Getting close folks! Also-- still planning to leave on the 20th of May. Unless something drastic happens ya know.

Classes are about ready to come to an end here. Which is a relief and a pain. Relief because summer is just around the corner! But so are finals. And those are never fun. Unless you pass every single one with an "A" or they are on whether or not you can do the hokey pokey. That'd be pretty sweet...a final on the hokey pokey...I'd pass that.

Well folks, I've got to be going. But I will be setting up mobile blogging so the posting will be more frequent! I stuff gets me excited too.... Until later-- Peace!