Thursday, April 9, 2009

best times

For those who haven't caught up yet (or are completely baffled by the last post) Monday was my birthday. It was a pretty good day.....sans the classes part (haha). Went to Cardia (youth group) and chilled at the church office for a bit. It was a nice day. Then I got back and a couple of my friends came up to my room and surprised me with brownies and candles! Did not expect that at all. A hour or so later my ra comes in with cake balls! Not expected either! That was pretty cool. A few of the girls came in and hung out in my room for a bit, which was pretty nice.
Then last night I had gel group, which is amazing in and of itself. It was potluck night, which I loved! They had gotten me a cake! Which I didn't know about! And there were candles and singing and good times. My gel group seriously is the best ever. Not only did that all happen, but they are doing a car wash for my mission trip too! It'll be the 18th of April in VA'll know it by the hot pink signs! Last night I felt so overwhelmed by love. It was amazing. Is amazing.
So in short, I have amazing friends, amazing gel group and an upcoming car wash :)


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