Tuesday, May 31, 2011

ah summer

Since I've been home, I haven't crocheted. I want to, but every time I pull out my yarns and my hooks, I get the look of "what the heck are you doing." That slight disapprovement keeps me from doing it. Not from thinking of it, just from actually doing it. I have so many projects I want to do, okay like three, and projects for fall I need to get started on. I just don't like that...look. Anywhere else, park, school, theater, etc. I can craft anywhere but my own home. How messed up is that?

anyway, I finally got my flower bed built. Naturally I'm super proud of it and no one else is impressed. The only thing I didn't do for it is cut the boards. I did however use a hand saw- see old non-electric saw- to cut them to length. Planted the flower half of the garden tonight after work and a few patio tomatoes with marigolds. Soon I'll be adding some carrots in a pot, big tomatoes, bell peppers and sunflowers. I haven't started working on garden part two yet; mostly because of time and the fact I haven't bought the grass guard yet. It's pretty much going to be a sunflower area. Mammoths 8-10 ft and dwarfs 3-4 ft. I'm more excited about that. And I'm able to give some sunflowers to my mom later this summer.

Thought I saw a mouse. Nearly just screamed bloody murder.Thankfully it was a shadow.Whew.

Work at the grocery store has started for me. It's nice being at work and not being followed every moment of the day. I like my job a fair bit. I know not many people say that about being a cashier, but I do. I get to meet different people every day and see regulars. I get to practice my listening skills, math and critical thinking skills. Like today, I got a little girl to stop screaming and to bring her little cart of groceries to me so I could check them out by using suckers. Granted, anyone can get a kid to do anything with candy, but it was pretty cool.

It's ten o'clock. I must be getting old, for I am tired already.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Trip back

If you haven't heard, I've made it back to the place called home. While red slippers didn't get me here, a red car did. It was a fairly uneventful trip. Only hit stand still traffic once, and thanks to my great luck was stuck behind two cattle trucks for that time period. It's not that I hate being stuck behind them because of the smell. I can handle that. It's how disgusting my windshield gets. One of the scariest things that happened involves my windshield. For some reason while I was driving through Nashville, every cicada in the area decided that they wanted to fly down the highway in the opposite direction. I was not expecting this so when the first one hit my car, I screamed. And not the little girl, "Oh help! A spider! Big burly man come save me!" kind of scream. I mean the blood curdling, someone just got stabbed kind of scream. Not that it really mattered because I was the only one in the car and no one could hear me. The difference still needed to be made. That was terrifying. Giant bugs hitting windshields is not fun.

So now that I'm back, not much else has been accomplished. I'm on a crochet break until I get my room straightened out and find all my yarn again. About all I've done is transplant my sunflowers, empty my car and create a walking path from the door to my bed in my room. Yup. That's it. Oh and discover the joy of watching a cat chase a laser light. That's real fun right there, mmhmm. Tomorrow is going to be eventful. I'm headed down to Joplin with the rescue I help with to retrieve a couple dogs who don't have a home to stay in with their families. I'm excited about the chance to help out. Specially since it's in my area and it's something I am passionate about. Also, get to talk to the new boss at my work about getting my job back for the summer! Yeah! I don't foresee any problems with that, but you never know. If that falls through, my hope remains with an interview in KC with an agency. Let's just cross our fingers on both of those...

So, that catches us up to now. Now it's 11:55, which feels like 12:55. Amazing how one hour can make a ton of difference. When I went from Germany to US and visa versa, no jet lag. NC to AZ/CA, nada. Eastern time to Central, walking dead. Crazy. Well, I'm off to slumberland to get ready for tomorrow. Fare thee well!

Monday, May 23, 2011

What a nice weekend.

This has been an eventful weekend. Let's start on Saturday.
Saturday was the Potato Festival here in grand ol' E-City. It was basically your typical small town fair with the music, stands, rides and greasy not good for you but very delicious food. I was there to help with my college's stand. It was pretty cool. We had a beanbag toss set up (for some reason here it's called corn hole...I don't get it...), a jar of candy and a bunch of fake tattoos to give out. Quite a few people stopped by to talk to us. All in all it was a pretty eventful day. After all the fair jazz, my dear dorm parents and I spent some time together talking...that sounded super weird after I typed it. Maybe it's just my inner voice reading that weird. Anyway, it was a very nice evening with them and I am super thankful for them and how wonderful they are.
Bringing it around to Sunday. Yesterday, aka Sunday, was my roommate's wedding. It was in a little church filled with many people. She was beautiful and her guy was pretty spiffy too. The reception was fun too. Got to see many people that I won't until August, have some cake balls and get a little dance on. Have to say one of the funnier parts was when they tried to leave. The groomsmen had hiked the groom's tracker up on blocks, so they couldn't leave. It was great fun, even when they managed to leave. I'm super happy for the both of them and wish them all the best.
Now let's touch on Monday...today. Today was filled with packing. Managed to get my room packed up and cleaned in record time. I'm really thankful for two friends who are letting me store a few things at their house. There's only one, maybe two more trips that need to be made to the car with stuff, but the majority is stuffed into my tiny little camaro. It's kinda amazing how much will fit in there. Tomorrow morning I'll start the drive back home. Right now I'm playing the "where to stop" game. I really want to get as far as I possibly can in one day so the next day it won't be so long. Also don't want to wear myself out on the first day, so it's a big back and forth. The major worry is the weather and hopefully it won't rain. Scattered thunderstorms are called for in two of the major cities I'll be driving through...so not thrilled about that. Let's just hope that it's sunny skies both days. And that my car doesn't give me any trouble. That's another major concern. Hopefully it all goes well.

Another thought, please keep the people of Joplin, Mo in your thoughts. For up to date news on the situation there, check out ky3.com. They are reliable and a great source for news.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Remember the fabric I used for the earring holder way back when? Well, I decided instead of taking one large lump of fabric, I should make a couple small things instead. Easier to pack. Plus, my fingers were itching to make something, so I just had to. So I made two run of the mill coasters and then a couple macramé-ish bracelets. I'm pretty sure you can imagine a square of this fabric so I didn't post the coasters. So here's the bracelet!

all around

For some reason these are all sideways. I promise when I was trying to load them they faced the right way. Just tilt your head for full effect until the weird sideways pictures get figured out. Thanks!


I hate packing. It's not that I'm not good at it, have too few boxes or anything of that sort, I just hate it. It might be because I've packed up so many times before that it's just routine to me and has lost all the charm of moving to a new place. If you haven't caught it, I'm packing, slowly, to return home for the summer. I have almost cleared off my desk and have managed to pack all my books. But that's about it. The procrastinator in me is saying to wait till Friday because I don't leave till next Tuesday. The perfectionist in me wants everything a certain way and labeled. To me it is always sad to pack. I hate moving things, deciding which I won't need for a while, what to take back to not bring back to school...it's a long process.

Also, my stash only fits into one bag. Pretty sure that's a good thing, but makes me feel like a terrible keeper of yarns. It used to be two bags full. Next year, I'm hoping to bring my entire stash back...that'd be cool. And it would totally feed into my hat/glove addiction. Can't wait for cool weather to start wearing them again!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Today was graduation at my school. It was one of those surreal days where you watch everything happen around you and it just seems to be in a weird movie haze. That could have also been because I was up till 3am talking to my roommate. Watching the graduates walk across the stage was interesting. In a year, I'll be in that same place and it seems like just a few days ago I was graduating from high school. Crazy how time gets away from us. Anyway, today was a sadish day. My roommate is officially moved out, I know this cause I helped her carry things to her car and pack them in. For me it's quite sad because I've roomed with her for the past two years and now she's gone for good. She's getting married in a week and won't be coming back to room with me anymore. On one hand, I'm sad that she's gone, but on the other I'm super happy she's found someone that treats her well and makes her so happy. She truly deserves someone who is good for her and will be with her forever. I'm going to miss her a lot. Oh, and don't believe I didn't shed a couple tears after she left. Totally did. I'm a huge bawler. For real. I cry at everything. I can blink and start to cry. It's crazy and totally annoying. To continue this, also helped move out one of my other dear friends. It's so sad to watch them all go home and not be able to leave too. I keep reminding myself that I'm here so I can watch my rooms walk down the aisle. Seems like forever from now.

Being so far away from home isn't always a good decision. I'm glad I'm here, but I miss there. And when I'm there, I miss here. I don't know what I'll do when I'm there and can't come here. Hopefully, time won't run away and make this seem like yesterday when it's a year away.

It is done.

The afghan is finished! And just in time too. It is 6'by 6' not stretched. I'm kinda proud of this and am glad that it is done and in the hands of the person who commissioned it.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

straight against hate.

On occasion, I wonder where I stand on the whole gay-straight alliance-disalliance thing. Mostly because the way I look at it, most of my Christian brethren disagree with me. This is hurtful to me, because I take it kinda personally. Now, I know not a ton of people agree with me, but this is what I believe and my personal feelings on the topic. Anyway, if you're fully against homosexuality, I wouldn't read much farther unless you want to read something different.
Now that all of that jazz is out of the way...I'm not against homosexuality. I don't agree with their lifestyle choices, and I myself am straight, but I'm not against them. Frankly, I believe that if they want to do that with their life than they should be allowed to. They aren't protesting our rights to marry each other, to show affection in public or raise children. Why should straight people? All the hate and animosity that is happening isn't good for either side. In my opinion, we should love them. We don't have to accept everything about a person to be able to love them. And even greater than that, Jesus loves them. Sure, he's sad about the choices they've made, but he loves them nonetheless. Instead of telling them they are wrong, why don't we get to know them as people? Why don't we talk instead of yelling slurs? So, they may be offensive to you, but isn't cursing, sex, drug use and drunkenness in movies and life just as offensive? It's a horrible comparison, but you don't see people picketing movie theaters because of the things in the movies they show. I believe that befriending them, sharing our lives and our love with them would make a greater impact. Love is greater than hate, and it's supposed to conquer all...so why don't we try that for a while and see how it works out. To join a new movement, I'm straight and I'm against hating people of a different sexual orientation. Or s8 against h8 to be all texty and savvy.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Best night ever.

I know I posted earlier and everything, but I really just wanted to do a little blog on how awesome my roommate is. Earlier tonight she came in while I was pricing my books to sale and said "come with me." Naturally, I was skeptical but went anyway. Well, she had organized everyone together to throw me a late surprise birthday party! I was super surprised and really thankful that she's my friend. She even made me a cake! Which was awesome and super cute. Half of it is still left and it's awesome. Chocolate and orange like the chocolate oranges my mom gets me every Christmas. She's a lovely person and I am really thankful she's in my life. Best roommate/friend ever.
That's all :) Night all!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Yesterday my friend E and I went to Pembroke Mall up in Va to see Harry Shum Jr. For those of you who don't know, he's the dancer from Glee. Yesterday, he missed his flight so we had to go back today. We did and we got pictures of him, one with him (i look not as awesome as i should have) and got things signed by him! It was fun and we had a generally good time. It was neat how we got to see him and talk and everything. Can't wait till I can meet many more people like him!!

I was going to share some pictures of my plants, however, it's going to take forever to load up those pictures so I'll save those for a separate . Plus I've got to get back to working on this afghan. I really want to get it done before Wednesday when I have to take my finals. Can't wait for school to be done and over!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


My mom got a new kitten!! It's a munchkin! Now let's all look at the pictures and hold in squeals!

Look at those tiny legs!!
My mom named it Roloff! It's so adorable!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Things I should be doing instead of blogging/being a bum:
  • Working on my research paper
  • Writing one of three minor papers
  • Redoing religion paper
  • Working on granny squares
  • Studying for algebra or counseling test
  • Finding a cure for cancer
  • Packing
  • Mothers' day cards
  • Cleaning my room
  • Doing laundry
This list is also known as the "Things I'm not doing right now because I'm having an ongoing diva moment and don't feel like doing anything but focusing on me." It's been one of those days. You know, when things don't start right from the start and then get bad and are probably okay but because things didn't go how you planned you want to just diva out about it and hold on to the feelings of "this is not okay." Since I haven't had one of these days in a long while, I'm going to declare it a-ok to have one today. Best watch out for some attitude and finger snapping. Not really. I'm more of a hold it in kinda person. I'm pretty sure some shrinks would say that's not good for a stable and healthy mind, oh well.

Anyway, I have made some progress on the afghan. It's been sewn together for a while now and last night I added in the black between the stem and cap. However, I don't have a picture of that. I do have the sewn together picture, so let's just look at that and try to ignore the scrap yarn and the orange carpet.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


This month along there are four weddings happening among the people at my college. That translates to six people who are now living in the dorm are leaving. Two of the people that are getting married are graduated, but still count. There are two more couples that are getting married later this summer. Total makes five now. To top that off, there are three other couples that I know from high school/former colleges that are getting married. Eight. Eight couples I know are getting married. Can I have a little confession time here? This makes me kinda sad and a little bit jealous at the same time. Sad because one of the couples is my roommate and I've roomed with her for the past two years and next year I won't have one. It'll be weird not having her around. Also, at bible college, it's unusual to go the entire time here not dating or getting engaged before graduation. It's a lame cliche', but unfortunately a very real one. Jealously comes in from that angle. I haven't dated the entire time I've been here, and I'm not holding my breath for next year either. and because I'm close, or was close with a few of the girls that are getting married and totally expected to be in their party and help them and everything...but I'm not. It sounds really sad and pathetic, but after seeing so many weddings happen (I've been in school for a while now) and seeing the happiness of the maids getting the bride ready and just having fun in general...I thought it'd be my turn. I know, it's weird to want to be a maid instead of a bride. But I know I'm not ready for that yet. Plus, I'd have to hunt down my dream man and convince/force him to marry me and that's just a lot of work for this gal. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to be a guest and see it all happen and to share in the joy of the day and everything. It's just a little bittersweet.