Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I hate packing. It's not that I'm not good at it, have too few boxes or anything of that sort, I just hate it. It might be because I've packed up so many times before that it's just routine to me and has lost all the charm of moving to a new place. If you haven't caught it, I'm packing, slowly, to return home for the summer. I have almost cleared off my desk and have managed to pack all my books. But that's about it. The procrastinator in me is saying to wait till Friday because I don't leave till next Tuesday. The perfectionist in me wants everything a certain way and labeled. To me it is always sad to pack. I hate moving things, deciding which I won't need for a while, what to take back to not bring back to's a long process.

Also, my stash only fits into one bag. Pretty sure that's a good thing, but makes me feel like a terrible keeper of yarns. It used to be two bags full. Next year, I'm hoping to bring my entire stash back...that'd be cool. And it would totally feed into my hat/glove addiction. Can't wait for cool weather to start wearing them again!