Tuesday, May 10, 2011

straight against hate.

On occasion, I wonder where I stand on the whole gay-straight alliance-disalliance thing. Mostly because the way I look at it, most of my Christian brethren disagree with me. This is hurtful to me, because I take it kinda personally. Now, I know not a ton of people agree with me, but this is what I believe and my personal feelings on the topic. Anyway, if you're fully against homosexuality, I wouldn't read much farther unless you want to read something different.
Now that all of that jazz is out of the way...I'm not against homosexuality. I don't agree with their lifestyle choices, and I myself am straight, but I'm not against them. Frankly, I believe that if they want to do that with their life than they should be allowed to. They aren't protesting our rights to marry each other, to show affection in public or raise children. Why should straight people? All the hate and animosity that is happening isn't good for either side. In my opinion, we should love them. We don't have to accept everything about a person to be able to love them. And even greater than that, Jesus loves them. Sure, he's sad about the choices they've made, but he loves them nonetheless. Instead of telling them they are wrong, why don't we get to know them as people? Why don't we talk instead of yelling slurs? So, they may be offensive to you, but isn't cursing, sex, drug use and drunkenness in movies and life just as offensive? It's a horrible comparison, but you don't see people picketing movie theaters because of the things in the movies they show. I believe that befriending them, sharing our lives and our love with them would make a greater impact. Love is greater than hate, and it's supposed to conquer all...so why don't we try that for a while and see how it works out. To join a new movement, I'm straight and I'm against hating people of a different sexual orientation. Or s8 against h8 to be all texty and savvy.