Tuesday, May 31, 2011

ah summer

Since I've been home, I haven't crocheted. I want to, but every time I pull out my yarns and my hooks, I get the look of "what the heck are you doing." That slight disapprovement keeps me from doing it. Not from thinking of it, just from actually doing it. I have so many projects I want to do, okay like three, and projects for fall I need to get started on. I just don't like that...look. Anywhere else, park, school, theater, etc. I can craft anywhere but my own home. How messed up is that?

anyway, I finally got my flower bed built. Naturally I'm super proud of it and no one else is impressed. The only thing I didn't do for it is cut the boards. I did however use a hand saw- see old non-electric saw- to cut them to length. Planted the flower half of the garden tonight after work and a few patio tomatoes with marigolds. Soon I'll be adding some carrots in a pot, big tomatoes, bell peppers and sunflowers. I haven't started working on garden part two yet; mostly because of time and the fact I haven't bought the grass guard yet. It's pretty much going to be a sunflower area. Mammoths 8-10 ft and dwarfs 3-4 ft. I'm more excited about that. And I'm able to give some sunflowers to my mom later this summer.

Thought I saw a mouse. Nearly just screamed bloody murder.Thankfully it was a shadow.Whew.

Work at the grocery store has started for me. It's nice being at work and not being followed every moment of the day. I like my job a fair bit. I know not many people say that about being a cashier, but I do. I get to meet different people every day and see regulars. I get to practice my listening skills, math and critical thinking skills. Like today, I got a little girl to stop screaming and to bring her little cart of groceries to me so I could check them out by using suckers. Granted, anyone can get a kid to do anything with candy, but it was pretty cool.

It's ten o'clock. I must be getting old, for I am tired already.