Sunday, August 7, 2011


I honestly do not understand my family sometimes. Not the part that I only see four times a year, but the ones I'm stuck living with. After I returned from Kansas, I was told that I was rude, mean and ungrateful. All of which I don't understand considering I cleaned the house, washed all the dishes and mowed the yard the day after I returned. Now we're back to the fact that I've been going out at night to hang out with friends before I leave for school. Which is now a bad thing even thought I've been told all summer to go out with them and "be a normal person." What is with all of these double standards?! Just now I was told that I needed to go and get dog food. I said, "Well, I'll do that tomorrow when I go into town then." The reply, "You are so ungrateful. What is wrong with you? You should do it now and get it done." What? I said I had planned to do it tomorrow. The dogs have more than enough to get them through the next four days so it's not like they are going to starve. Maybe I'm going crazy. Maybe I'm just noticing their crazy. I'm just not a fan of all of this. Hopefully tonight will be a good one. I don't know if I can stand doing nothing again.


Kurt Juergens said...

I vote that it is them and not you, and to answer the rude question you received, 1-you are not ungrateful (they are), 2-nothing is wrong with you (something is with them), and 3-you should do it whenever you please so long as the animals have food. You're the one doing it, not them. If it's sounds like I'm venting and can relate, both are true. Cheers for being back at school!

Just Becca said...

Thanks Kurt. You have no idea what this did for my day...for the better.