Friday, October 7, 2011

hand holding

Sometimes I wish I had someone around to hold my hand and tell me I'm pretty. Sure, my friends and I will goof around and hold hands and stuff, and yeah, they tell me I'm pretty. But it's not the same as having someone who is there to get to know you inside and out, who wants to know the good and bad and in between....having them tell you you're pretty, is totally different.

This may come off as really vain. I don't mean it to.

There are lots of times I look at the couples around me, and trust me, there are plenty, and I wonder, how did they manage to find each other while I'm still here alone? Then starts the, "Am I repulsive to guys?" "Am I really that bad of a person?" "That not interesting?" "What is so wrong with me?" I know these are irrational, and that I should be patient and wait, because good things come to those who wait and God knows what he's doing by not placing a significant other in my life. But I really would like to watch movies with someone to turn to during the good parts and say things to, to share walks with and to talk about random things with. It'd be swell to have someone that'll call just to see if I want to go to the aquarium that day.

I feel like this is starting to sound like the plot of a chick flick. Too bad there isn't a musical number that will spontaneously occur. I can dream right?

Oh, to have a love like Audrey and Seymour, Janet and Brad, Rachel and Finn.....

But I'll wait. Like I'm supposed to. And let these hand holding wishes pass like they always do.