Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Well, in three days (or two depending on how you count), I'll be getting older. This year is a little different than the others as I'll be able to spend some of it with a dear friend. Let's expound on that. A few friends and I were going to go out to a favorite restaurant to celebrate- which is something that hasn't been done in years. Then a couple decided not to go, a couple more...one more...till it became just friend and I. I'm really thankful that I won't have to spend it alone again this year, but it really does hurt that I got bailed on once again. It's also a little disheartening that a month ago I had asked a couple to go, and they chose instead to do something else that weekend. It just sometimes makes me question the quality of friends I have and sincerity in friendship. Now I know, a few were unavoidable and really could not make it for legitimate reasons, which is cool whatever. But the others...it sucks. Specially since I go to a school where we say all the time that "we're family, not just friends." Really? We're family? I sure don't feel like it a lot of the time. Sigh. Right now I feel a little overly dramatic and emotional. I'm sure after a bit things won't seem so horrible and lonely. And I do have that one friend who cares enough about me not to bail and recognizes how important it is to me. It's really hard being away from family on celebration days. Specially when it's been so many years since celebration has happened.