Monday, May 11, 2009

Short little update

Hey Guys! So if you haven't gotten the notice yet, I've made it back to Missouri! Only about nine days left till I head to Germany! And I just got the update on my has been delivered to school and should arrive here any day now. Super excited about that! And I have met the basic goal for my fundraising--which is really exciting. Now all that's left is packing and getting a ride in line.

Since I've gotten back to Mo, I've already been in one show. It was a pretty good one, not as big as what I'm used to but it was pretty decent. Took the top places in the classes I showed in, always exciting. The judge was a lady that I used to show with back when I started showing. It was pretty nice getting to see her again and catch up with what everyone is doing now. All in all it was an exhausting but rewarding show weekend. But the fun has just started. There's an entire herd of animals that need to be clipped, tattooed, and seperated for the show season. When I get back from Germany, I'm looking at two big shows and a couple little shows I think...which will be fun :)

Well, that's the short update I have for everyone. Germany is coming along pretty fast, shows are going good and school is out till August. Sometime this week I'm thinking of heading out to Kansas to visit the relatives on that side of my family. Been missing Forefront and my Gel Group back there a fair bit along with my friends from school. That's about it folks! I'll keep updating while I'm in Germany and will hopefully be able to send out a letter during or shortly after that time! Let me know if you want on the list!

Oh and a great big thank you to everyone who has made this trip to Germany possible! You all are amazing! Thank you so much!!