Monday, May 4, 2009

You're going where?

Today is River Day here at Mid-Atlantic Christian University. What's that? You didn't know that Roanoke Bible college has had a name change? Well, it has and now you know. Now that that's out of the way, its river day. which is a day of sports and fun and everything. Unfortuently its also supposed to be my last day here. Which for me is kinda sad. I mean...I'd love to be able to spend another day just chilling out and not worrying about driving. spend more time with friends before I don't get to see them again for several months. Living so far away sucks sometimes. But that's what I chose. Coulda gone to a school much closer, but I didn't. Right now I'm supposed to be working on a couple papers and/or packing....instead I'm blogging... Really I'm hoping to get the chance to play soccer later today.
Yesterday my gel group had a cookout....which was flippin sweet. It was a great day ang I really am going to miss all of them over the long summer months. I keep telling myself there's only three till I get back here. Just three to make it through and it'll pass by in no time. Sunday was also my last time at Forefront for the summer. It sucks leaving such a great church and group of people. I'd love to spend all summer there and watch as the campus grows and as the youth get stronger in the bible and everything. Oh the joys of being a college student.
As far as the mission trip goes, only $263 left to raise! Kinda super excited about that. My passport still hasnt' arrived yet, which I'm really hoping it will today. Its should have been in last week, but who knows. I recieved a few e-mails from one of the missionaries I'll be staying with while over there and here's what he said about the city he lives in and I'll be working in ...
"Jena is a very intellectual city -- we have a little over 100,000 inhabitants -- and approx. 25,000 university students. The majority of these students come from the former East Germany and therefore have an atheistic background. There is such a need for more ministry to them. Jena is also the city with the highest percenatge of people with doctor titles (PhD) in Germany. Lots of scientific research institutes with researchers from all over the world. Although most of the cities in former East Germany are shrinking and deteriorating, due to lack of jobs and perspective -- really discouraging -- but Jena is one of the few exceptions, where things are booming -- with lots of young people and families. So, it's an influential city and from our experiences we estimate that about 80% of the population profess to be atheists. "
So there's a little bit about Jena. Its going to be pretty cool I think! :)