Saturday, June 20, 2009

Back in the US of A

Yesterday I embarked on a really long flight from Stuttgart to Kansas City. The entire flight time was somewhere around 16 hours! All in all it was a pretty decent flight. Loved the cross Atlantic Flight because there were little tv screens in the back of the seats and you could pick whatever you wanted to watch or play games or whatever. It was pretty sweet. Even awesomer was the fact I sat next to a guy from Finland who was traveling back to see some of his friends he made in the Us when he studied there. Probably the funniest part of it was getting teased by the security guards in Stuttgart for the obscene amount of chocolate in my backpack. I swear its not all for me! For the record- I made it back with all the kindereggs unbroken! Made it back to the farm alright too...unfortuently it decided it was going to storm for the drive back so it was pretty slow going for a while. So far havent felt much jet lag I think. Granted I did wake up at 6am thinking it was in the afternoon...currently its 5pm and I could probably be ok with going to bed (its midnight in Germany).
I am really thankful for all the people who supported me in this trip- both with prayer and monetarily. Without all the people I dont believe I would have made it there and wouldnt have been able to experiance all that I did. Germany is a completely amazing country and I really feel called to work there after I graduate. I am really hoping that next summer I will be able to go back for a longer amount of time so that I can go to language school and be able to experiance the culture for a longer amount of time. I really dont know how to thank all the people that supported me in this trip. Thank you doesnt seem to be enough, but I dont know any other way to express the gratitude I feel towards everyone.
So now I am back in the States...going to start work at the grocery store on Monday--or at least sometime this week. I asked not to start till Wednesday but never know. Its really different here in the states and Im going to have to get back to the way things are done here. Kinda really miss Germany and all of my German friends! Cannot wait to get back and see all of them again. I hope to keep in touch with everyone I met there. As for right now, I should probably start unpacking my bags. Hope everyone is well!! Till later...