Friday, June 26, 2009

Life after DE

So I have been in the states for a week now, and I'm still having some trouble getting back to normal life. I was only there for a month, but one gets so used to having certian things that its weird when they are gone. Like walking everywhere. I loved being able to do that and having to walk for a long time every day. And now, I just drive. Its not even a option to walk most of the time. Food is also a weird thing for me. I never expected I would miss bakery bread and being able to wlak down to a bakery to grab a loaf or a kuchen. Its so different. Recycling! Trash is another thing that kills me here. In germany there were seperate bins for everything. Food, paper, plastic, bottles, cans.....a tiny one gallon trash can would last an entire family a week because everything was sorted and recycled. It was great. I didnt even know that I would miss all that so much. All that aside, it is nice to be in the (general) same time zone as all my friends. Its nice to be able to see my animals and get to spend time outside in the heat. I love being able to drive my car again....I love being able to drive around with my top down and enjoy the feeling of driving again.Oh, and getting to watch my shows online is also pretty sweet. I didnt like how Fox, ABC and all the rest discriminated against forgein countries lol.
So yeah...there are alot of differences for me that Im trying to get back and used to. Its really different, but Im sure everything will fall back to normal before Germany. I hope that I'll get to go back soon....itd be really awesome to...
Other than all that, started working at the grocery store again. Its a pretty chill job. Kinda surprised that I remember alot of the PLU codes for the produce. Theres a few new people but they seem pretty nice. Its weird to say it, but Im really glad I get to work there again. Somedays are really long, but most of the time its not boring!
Yup thats my little update :)