Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Long thyme

Its been a long while, dear readers. The hecticness of school finally caught up to me fully. Its been good though. Busy, but good.
I've been doing a lot of recruitment work. Not a huge amount, but enough to where I have found that I really enjoy it and am pretty good at it. I worked a youth convention- known as Impact. I love going to Impact and listening to the speaker and seeing all the people there. The other event I worked was a college fair. Which I absolutely love going to. Its a little intimidating, but still an awesome experience. I hope that I get sent out again.

Other than that, I've been doing the school thing. This past week was fall break, so not much happened. It was nice to have a week without classes, no real worries, nothing like that. It was nice. And at the same time it drove me crazy because everyone had gotten to go home that wanted to. I've been suffering from a bought of homesickness. Which is weird for me because I have never gotten homesick before. First time for everything I suppose.
As of right now, its mission emphasis week. Which is neat but nerve wrecking. Tomorrow will be the first time I've sang in over a year in front if a large(ish) crowd. I hope it goes well. All the videos I'm doing for it is on my youtube too, if anyone wants to check them out.
Right now, I need to be getting to bed. Its late and I'm worn out.