Sunday, October 25, 2009

(not) interesting

i'm a terrible blogtress. its not that i have been terribly busy or anything, its mostly that i don't think about updating about things i do not find interesting. i find myself to be a terribly boring person. pretty subnormal actually. but last night while im-ing someone i'm not super great friends with (we've just re-met for the uptenth time), i was told i was interesting and mysterious. which made me laugh. the last time i was called interesting was while i was in germany. most of the interestingness of the germany thing was because i was foreign and new. but hearing it from another american is different. and weird. i'm not interesting. things i do are pretty normal. the way that i do things are normal.

the only thing interesting about my mundane life is the fact i've chosen to do something different with my life. one of my german friends asked me why i chose to go to bible college. why i decided to be a christian. i said because it works. i'm not gonna lie or brag, but i'm a smart kid. and for a while, i was into a bunch of different religions. and after studying christianity for a while, i found it to be the only one to make sense. after that came wanting to help others to figure out the how's of how it works.the most logical way i found to do that is through studying to be a missionary. it's showing me how to explain the religion and everything in a mostly eloquent way that's understood across barriers. but aside from that, i also want to work with youth. i haven't been grown up long enough to have forgotten about the insecurities of growing up. and working with youth is where its at. they are some of the most interesting people ever. because they are always changing. always on the move. always finding new ways to come at problems. its awesome.
but that doesn't take me to where i am now. and possibly the only interesting thing about me. i love music. when i started college, i had a music minor. last year, i dropped the minor for a youth minor. which i love. i love studying youth. but this past year out of music...i felt a little off. there was something in me missing. then it hit me one day as i was playing my oboe. (yes. oboe.) music was missing. i was still playing and listening, but i wasn't singing, composing, directing or playing music like i had. few things in my life i had missed like that. hopefully soon. very soon. i'll be able to get back into it like i was. i've missed all aspects. technical and performance. one day, i hope that music will help others. one day.
so thats it. the little bit thats interesting in a whole lot of not interesting.