Wednesday, April 28, 2010

how many days?

At the moment, I sit two and a half days away from ending classes for yet another school year. Its a weird feeling of accomplishment and panic. I am ready for the end, but not ready to be leaving to the middle of nowhere for three months. On the bright side, I get to spent a week past graduation here. Thanks to an error of mine. And thanks to Dr. Greene, we've worked something out. Also got an arraignment made for the end of the summer and coming back early. I'm ready to go back to work for the summer and to have a little bit of fun seeing friends and everything.

Just realized how boring this is to read. Random Dancing!

Differently, woke up with a super whacked out equilibrium. It would had been funny, had it not been morning and I had not been working my way to late to class....again. But I'm sure it was amusing for those who saw me.