Saturday, May 1, 2010


Crazy awesome day. I'm really sad that in a couple weeks I'll no longer be able to go to the beach when I want to. On the bright side, that means no terrible sunburns all over my back. Oh! and I finally got to see dolphins. Real live wild dolphins playing in the ocean. I love dolphins and have always wanted to see them at the beach. I think it'd be super awesome to go kayaking and see them up close or on one of the tours or something...i like dolphins.
After that amazing time, went downtown to take pictures with Mrs Alina and that was super awesome. It was super fun getting to hang out with her and talk about picturey things :) Be on the lookout for some pics in the nearish future!

Two weeks. Watch out Chattvegas- here I come. Watch out Waynesville and El Do- I'm coming back.