Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Weird Depressants.

As I was driving back from gel tonight (which was cool in the no light), I started thinking of things that were depressing to me. So here are a few things:

  • Gas Prices
  • Abused puppies/kittens
  • Peanut butter
  • Stepping in gum
  • Books that take five chapters to get good
  • Lack of ocean access during the summer
  • Carmel

Some of those would seem weird to some people, but those things make me sad. I mean, I filled up my car today, and it took nearly $40 for 14gal. I remember when it took half that for my tank to get filled. Granted that was almost six years ago, and there was less strife over crude oil and stuff with that. Pretty sure that was the trigger for the depressing things too. Filling up the car is always a little depressing. More so this time because its the fill up before the leave to Missouri.

That's right. In three days I'll be leaving to head back to the big MO. Its a long drive, but well worth it cause I get to see Meg and Chris and stop at White Castle along the way. White Castle makes any road trip better. If you've never tasted the sheer bliss that is one of those, your life is incomplete and you need to get to one fast.
Back to the driving, I'm not a super fan of driving cross-country because I'm a huge worrier, with my main worry being, will my car make it? Will it suddenly die like it has before? Will a freak accident happen? Will I make it on time? And that's just a few of the worries that run through my head. Granted, my car is amazingly reliable and has gotten me to and from school many times. Its a trooper for sure.

It just started raining again. I'm going to use that as my excuse to stop rambling and to go listen to the thunder and the rain. Thunderstorms are pretty out here.