Friday, May 14, 2010


Today is a top ten day. Well, now it is Saturday technically, so yesterday was a top ten day. I learned that ladybugs are freakishly attracted to me (seven! who gets seven to land on them?!), hot sand still hurts,battle of the bands is better on the east coast, and I may forever be in love with the ocean. All around, today just rocked. I super enjoyed laying on the beach for hours just reading and listening to the sound of the waves rolling on to shore. And then driving around and checking out the shops and being able to relax. Oh! And then the listening to some pretty good tunes by young bands was pretty awesome too. Music is always better with friends and people.

Day before was great too. Went out and attempted surfing with my friend D-guy and his friend. They did much better than I did. I realized what little upper body strength I have and that if there are waves after waves coming at you with no break, its better to admit defeat and watch the pros. Can't wait to get back out there when I come back to this state.
So, now, I sit here in all my happy tanness soaking up the last few precious moments of an awesome day. Which just got better because of a text my mom sent me about her getting dive bombed by a bat in her living room.