Sunday, May 23, 2010

gimme your thoughts...

I'm a sucker for certain tv shows. One of which, Hoarders, is on all night. My original plan was to be up at 8 to do a little bit of exercise and a bike ride. That may or may not happen now.

Also, my room has been overrun with lightening and lady bugs. I'm not thrilled and have taken up residence on the couch until I cake care of it...tomorrow. Freaking hate bugs. I really hate clicker beetles/blister bugs. Annoying and painful. What's even worse is I always have this super unhappy reaction to any bug bite. Seriously. A normal person will get a little mark, I'll end up with a huge bump. Freaking bugs. Coulda left them off the boat Moses.

Finished another hat. This one, the person requested a bill on it. Its a little different than what I normally do. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to put up some pictures of what it looks like. Same person requested a dog, but I haven't found one that we mutually agree on. So until then I'll be looking at all the different patterns I have and seeing if there's anything that catches my eye. I'm thinking of putting a book together of what I've made so far, to show people who want things and such....what do you think? The patterns will also be in there and all...let me know what you think!

All that being said, I'm going back to my guilty pleasure of watching Hoarders.


Amanda said...

Love that show! :)