Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oh, rain.

For the past three hours, I have been fighting with my internet to let me do something more than Skype. So far the internet has won, but I found after much persuasion that Firefox will hold through for me...for a little bit. All this is because it rained...last night...all night. I really hope it won't rain again tonight. Rain hinders everything and I'm kinda sick of rain already. Plus, it hurt my poor little cherry tree :( That means there'll be a lot less cherries for my recipes.

As a small confession, I have a hard time watching watching movies that deal with ghosts, voodoo and all that heebyjeeby stuff. And as luck would have it, my grandma put on Skeleton Key while I was in the room...and well, there really isn't anywhere for me to go so I got to be graced by that. Hopefully it won't plague me tonight and the Princess Bride novel will erase the heebies!

Beyond the rain, nothing of consequence is happening in this little house that I haven't left in over 24 hours because there is nothing to do and no one to see.

My poor cherry tree as it stands now ):