Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hello Summer

1,352 miles. Three days, two nights. One super long trip to get where I am now., which is sitting on the edge of the couch in my home hearing nothing but the super loud television and wondering just how much longer I can go without taking something for this headache. This trip seemed to take longer and shorter than normal. The longer part comes in for the insane amount of repeated radio songs and sitting for way too long. The short part is the staying with friends and the whole road-vision thing going on after a few hours. Its kinda like a video game once you hit hour ten. Everything seems to be in a different reality...its kinda neat but so not at the same time. I do have to say that my sweet little car has held up once again for the trip. Its a trooper to say the least. Since I've gotten the car I've driven a total of six continental U.S. trips. I wonder what the world record is...

Anyway, I've been home for a total of six hours. Managed to get attacked by three of my dogs, all of whom were way to excited to see me. Went to fix the fence some cows decided to knock over, at which time my crazy horse decided that my hair was perfectly fine to eat and knocked me down. Tripped over my skateboard, twice, in the moving in of my things. Great times, great times. Next week I'll be going to Kansas for a cousin's wedding. But this week, is going to be kinda dull as that there really isn't anything for me to do. I don't start work for a while and that's pretty much all I do during the summer. Not sure what I will come up with, but hopefully it'll be better than doing nothing.

Well..that's all folks