Friday, October 8, 2010


This week has been full of lows and highs all around. Starting on Sunday with the confusion, realization, horror, shock of what happened. Monday with the mourning, uncertainty, and knowledge. Tuesday with the attempt to be 'normal', the stress, the hounding, the pain. Wednesday with the pleading, bargaining, tears, hatred, and sorrow. Thursday with the remembering, rebuilding, grace, healing. And then today. Today with the ending, the game, the start. The overriding theme of this week however was love. Love for God, for one another, from God. Love is what kept us together and love is what is going to bring us through everything. You might have noticed the little picture on the side of the blog. Go on. Check it out. That is in memory of two students that attended my school. One for the joy that he now has in heaven and the other for the reminder to pray for him every day. When things happen, good or bad, one person isn't just affected. Lots of people are affected. This is going to, and already has changed a lot of people. But, we need to remember the love we are given and the love we are supposed to give. Its really hard to remember that sometimes. And sometimes all we can do is just try. That's what we need to do right now.