Saturday, November 6, 2010


I feel super productive today. I cleaned my car and my room and managed to wash all of my laundry and put away summer clothes. Not only did I manage to do all of that, but I also got a bit of homework done and shortly I will be doing a pretty little elephant. Super fun day! Tomorrow I hope to get everything else that I need to do homework wise tomorrow, along with a couple hats. Feelin pretty snazzy about all of that right now.

Oh did I mention I made some pretty cute turkeys out of pumpkins? No? Well, I did. Probably the most adorable turkeys on earth. You'll just have to believe me because I'm not going to load a picture tonight.

Yup. Today has been good to me. Hopefully tomorrow is just as productive. Maybe tonight I'll go to bed at the time I used to in high school...yeah...that's not going to happen. Oh! Maybe I'll reward myself by going out to see Megamind! think I'll just watch a movie on netflicks or another site. Relaxing night away!