Friday, June 10, 2011


It's starting to storm right now. The lightening has started and so has the rain. Soon, there'll be thunder and more rain and maybe hail. I'm hoping that there won't be hail because my poor little plants wouldn't survive. Last thing they need is a ton of rain too. I've just started carrots and more sunflowers...kinda hope they don't drown. There's really no place for me to move them too either. Sigh. I hope they live.

Beyond the rain worry, work has been going well! It's been nice to see a few customers that I know and getting to catch up with them. Tonight was a crazy night. First, spaghetti busted in my lane. Then I was checking out the Cherry Mash display at the end of my lane and the entire display fell into itself. After I taped it back up and started tossing the candy back into it, it fell apart again! Then more busted spaghetti and a whole mess of not being able to open bags. It was just a weird time. So glad to be done for a few hours. Tomorrow is my long shift and I'm hoping that the time will just fly by.

Lately I've been thinking of canning. I really want to try my had at it. Pretty sure my first attempt will be with cherry jam, since I have a cherry tree in my yard and it's time for those to be picked. Then maybe peaches and or pears. I considered pickles, but that's not immediately gratifying. I did find a good zucchini pickle recipe that I may try someday. This summer seems to be my summer of homemaking. Not only am I attempting canning, but I'm working on making a few rugs and coasters. Even got some nice heavy fabric to wrap a cat tree that is in the planning stages. Oh me. I hope everything pulls together for all of it to happen!