Tuesday, June 21, 2011

not a storm fan

At this precise moment, it is storming outside. I'm not talking the light rain occasional thunder kind of storm but the pretty sure the trees are laying sideways, raining harder than ever pretty sure I'm not going to see daylight again type. I may be exaggerating, but not by much.
I am not a storm person. I never have and never will be. Rain does not soothe me and I cannot fall asleep to it. Instead, it wakes me up and causes me to radar watch like a paranoid person. I don't sleep and can't relax. What's setting me on edge right now is that my radar screen won't appear. It's killing me. I have it on my desktop but all that's happening is that silly "loading" screen. Come on! A girl has got to know what color she's in!

Granted, this rain is only supposed to last till 2am. It's currently 12:19 am and it's not supposed to do anything but gust, rain and thunder. This isn't calming to me.

A normal person would have check the weather, noticed when the watches went off and gone to bed. Maybe turned the weather radio up a little bit, fluffed the pillow and drifted off knowing that if anything bad was to happen they'd wake up and be okay. Not I, oh no, not I. I don't have a weather radio, I know, dumb. Working on it. I have online weather, phone weather and text alerts. I've become an expert at reading radar, still and moving. Can decipher most weather related jargon and can 'feel' a storm hours away.

Hour and a half left of this. Instead of rambling on with my many paranoid thoughts, I'm going to let this go and study my maps. I hate storms.