Saturday, January 24, 2009


I read a book today on the way to Greenbrier mall. Its called Venti Jesus or something close to that. It was about three kids at a Starbucks who stumbled onto religion and then debates ensued and it was just awesome. The way that the story was told was amazing. I could see myself sitting there at a table near those characters listening to what was being said and being moved by it all. If you don't know this book--I encourage you to check it out. Its pretty short. I read it in two hours, and that's with haveing to stop every so often to give directions or take part in a converstion. Its one of those "must reads".

Currently, when I'm not dabbling in other books, I'm reading "Blue like Jazz". I started reading it because of all the hype about it. Honestly, the first two chapters did nothing to impress me. Now that I'm further into it, its starting to get pretty interesting. I'm enjoying it a bit more than what I had first thought I would. Its neat. Don't know how it'll end yet though, so the final verdict on if its liked is still up in the air.

Since we're on the topic of books...I like "Bucknaked Faith" too. I think people who are grounded in their faith should give it a read at least once. Its a neat little book and gives a new twist on a few things. It made me really want to get a bonsai for a while.

"Epic" is also a good book. The title is really longer than that but I can't remember it all. It tells one about the epicness of the story behind us and gives us a push towards being more epic and the story. I liked it. I gave it to a clsoe friend of mine to read...which reminds me I need to ask if its been read yet...

Other than those few and Vince's book (I became a Christian and all I got was this lousy t-shirt(which you should get cause it rocks!)), I don't read many "Christian" books. I do have a list on my amazon of books that I want to get and read. If you would like that list...let me know hahaha.

Still working through Hebrews! I'll have the rest of the chapters up to. Any ideas on the next book?