Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Christians love??

The discussion tonight at Gel group got me Christians we are called to love others and be humble and graceful. Which most of us are to nonbelievers. But what about when we get to other Christians? Aren't we just a little less forgiving and humble? Now, I have a little bit of experience with this, being at Jesus School/Bible College/whatever you want to call it. When a Christian "wrongs" another Christian, things get just a little ridiculous. Jealousy is held onto longer, judgments are made, gossip is passed...all the things we shouldn't do if we really loved each other as brothers and sisters (unless you come from my family...but that's a different story). It always bothered me how the Baptists make fun of the Pentecostals who talk about the Catholics who jeer at the Methodists who can't stand the Independents. If we're Christians, what does denomination matter? If you follow Jesus and love him, then as a Christian, why are you not following his command and loving your crazy Pentecostal neighbor? Christians poke and prod at their fellows, annihilating their own, causing rifts in the metaphoric Christian cloth that we are all cut from. We're supposed to be one church, one people. The Bible tells us that a couple times. So why do we have to judge our own and make fun of the person who wants to raise their hands and dance during the music or the one that wears a suit and tie to church? Why can't we get past all the little nuances and reach out to our brethren in love and meekness and become one?

ok. i'm off my soap-box. :)