Thursday, November 26, 2009

just a poem

She looks up to the sky
The one that has betrayed her before
That feeling,
So small and insignificant,
Wraps her arms around her self and screams

He looks down from above
Watches the leaves play in the wind
Hears a small cry
Reaches down to save the night

She collapse on the ground
Her tears soaking her nightgown
Drifts off to sleep among the trees
Filling her head with some major dreams

He searches and finds
Wraps the girl in his light
Calls to her in her dream
Lets her know it’ll be alright

The next morn she wakes
Fears, tears, sadness, loneliness
All erased
All replaced
Filled with the love of the One
She called for without knowing.
The One that came
As she steps off into her new life

He watches from above
Sees the girl playing in the leaves
Smiles and laughs as another lost lamb
Came back and rested in His hands.