Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Perfect Sunset

This evening I sat outside on one of the swings reading until it came for the sun to set. I had been anticipating this and forgotten that you can't see the sun set out here. This summer when I wasn't working, I sat outside on my front porch and watched the sun go down and every time the awesomeness of it was just wonderful. There was this one sunset that I enjoyed the most. In short, it was perfect.

The sun was a brilliant yellow ball rimmed with the orange that can only be found on maple trees in november. The rest of the sky was a fiery red that led up to a pale pink before a small strip of blue before the purple of the dark sky hit. All of the clouds seemed to be aflame with color. Looking straight up you could see the millions of stars start poking through the dark veil. All around you could hear birds sing, crickets start tuning and distant cows moo for one another. You could look straight ahead to where the sun was setting above the tree line, across the pasture and watch the cows slowly move from one pasture to the next while the lightest breeze seemed to wisk away the humid air and bring in the sweet night air. It smelled of grass, hay, dirt, air and a faint, faint smell of cows and horses. When the sun was just peeking over the tree line, about to fade away for the night, the fireflies started blinking around the yard and the crickets began their chorus with the few locusts that were around. The air got cooler and just made everything alright. By then all the stars were out and were flickering away. The moon had just started its watch over the land.

that was my perfect sunset.