Friday, December 3, 2010

friday night ramblings

Oh dear. This week has been slowly chaotic. Basically been in limbo with the moving forward of the whole me getting fixed and walking normally thing because of insurance stuff. Thankfully today it was all sorted out and now I can move on! Well, on Wednesday I can. Until then I have these nice little pain pills that make life more bearable haha...

Choir concert happens in about twenty minutes. I asked my Gel group to come, but I don't know if they are. I don't think they are either. Its not that huge of a disappointment, but I would like someone there just for me and for no one else. That sounds super superficial and vain. But haven't you ever wanted someone there just for you to let you know that you did a good job? Still vain, I know.

Few other things have happened. The BexieMorse Designs page has a few followers now (18!!) and has spurred new projects. Last night I expanded the hat patterns to regular beanie, tam, dread beanie, beret and the brand new bomber-style! Woot! I am actually quite fond of my bomber hat. Soon I'll be adding felt to the inside to make it super nice and toasty! Few other things were created, a reindeer and snowpeople and bracelets were added. Tomorrow I get to go and pick up a few more supplies for BMD and will start on all the wonderful Christmasy things!

Well, I have run out of time. I've got to fix my hair and find my shoes before I head over to the chapel to sing. I hope this evening goes splendidly.

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