Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Yeah Final!

Ahem. I am done with finals. I took my one final today, aced it! And may have picked up a new customer for crochet things...even though she'll be getting a few ornaments for free naturally. According to the forecast, it is supposed to snow again tomorrow. I am only okay with this because 1. I have a pizza in the freezer so I don't have to leave the dorm
2. I have lots of projects to finish. By lots I mean two.
3. I still have some hot chocolate left.

Today was a pretty exciting, besides the acing of the final. Me and my friend went to Hopeline which is this really neat thrift store. I scored a new suitcase, some unused(!) Nob Hill Yarn- two skeins of it!, and two bags full of really spiffy buttons. I'm really excited about the buttons because before I just had the normal basic colored ones and now I have all sorts of buttons to craft with! Whoot! I'm sure this just added to my old lady status, but oh well.

So the projects I'm completing now are slippers. Four pairs! I have one and a half done so far. Really needed to take a break so my little fingers don't cramp up all funny. Its the sad side affect of crocheting for too long, finger cramps. At least there's a great episode of Glee on to occupy me while I rest :)