Saturday, December 4, 2010


It is snowing. If you know much about you'd know that I detest the snow. I find it horrible in every which way. The only thing it is good for is canceling classes and for looking at, if you are inside a very warm house. Neither of which is happening because it is Saturday, and I'm in a chilly dorm room. I'd turn on the heater, except that its super loud and Harry Potter is on. I am very fond of these movies so I will probably just suffer in this cold. To this time, I have accomplished nothing except for making a pair of baby shoes and deciding that I will make myself some mittens to go along with the bomber hat i made a couple days ago. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get the felt to make my hat warmer, so it's still super cold. Tomorrow however it will happen! Until then, I will huddle underneath my super stylish snuggie and make some mittens. Yay mittens!!