Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Granny Squares

So a new thing has happened and I'm kinda proud of it and very apprehensive at the same time. A few ladies I know, as well as myself, are now getting together on Tuesdays to crochet some granny squares up in the hopes of making a afghan at the end of 52 squares. That's one every week. There really is no time limit and is more of a learn how to group, and everyone is working at their own speed. The first meeting went fairly well. I'm not going to say that I thought it went so smoothly that melted butter looked rough, but it went pretty well. I had major frustration, but it wasn't with any of the ladies that were there for the learning. Anyway, going back to granny squares reminded me of my first major project which was this huge granny square blanket. I never did finish it because around the time I would have been finishing it I was moving from one house to the next and it was hitting senior year of high school so time and confusion were hitting me hard. I wish I could find that project now and finish it up. It was a pretty neat blanket, all done in my school colors of black and orange. Now I'm just using up scrap yarn in the hope of making my stash a little less plentiful so I can buy different yarns later. I'm hoping to loose at least two skeins in two weeks. Hopefully I can do it!
It's amazing what granny squares can be used for. Blankets, bags, dogs, all sorts of things. And apparently famous designers are using them to make clothes! Who knew they were so hip? This is from Paul Smith's Fall 2010 collection. Not something I would wear probably, but still pretty hip and kinda hot....
I am really looking forward to next week's meeting because I love to share the craft that I love. Also, I kinda like showing off the random creatures that I have made. Most recently, I made this little ninja guy. While I'm not exactly thrilled with how he came out, he does have that poor puppy on the side of the road covered in mud while it is raining type of look. He's starting to grow on me. If you want to check him out, check out the facebook page.

Almost done with the first week of the semester. I was celebrating with oreos, but then found out there were only two left. That few just isn't acceptable for a real celebration so I'm trying to find the will to whack open my chocolate orange. Poor, poor orange...