Sunday, January 23, 2011


Her nails are painted blue

like the summer sky in June.
It's the little but of optimism you can find.
Her eyes are clouded over with the storm she just endured
her heart as hardened as a stone.
It's hard to get to know her,
to get below the surface.
It takes time that most aren't willing to give.
But if you tried just hard enough, you'd find a little treasure.
What she hides from most others is a million and one dreams.
A soul that's just as compassionate as can be.
Eyes that start to cry, at most anything even remotely sad or happy.
Laughter that is just waiting to burst.
An optimistic heart over shadowed by a pessimistic mind.
Until you get to know her, all that you'll ever find
is that little piece of optimism
the June sky shade of blue.