Thursday, January 6, 2011


I am miserable. It's just over a day before I leave for school again and lo and behold I have what is quite possibly strep. There's no tea or juice in sight either so I'm sucking it up with some throat drops and water. Eventually I'll try that whole salt water thing again, but it never ends up pretty. Days like these are when I feel more pitiful than anything. I hate feeling sick without being sick and I kinda wish there was someone to take care of me and dote on my whims. It's funny that a sore throat can bring me to my knees, but when I had a possible broken leg (see previous posts relating to MRI) all is cool. Sigh. Looks like an early night for me. After some semi-hearty soup and packing of jeans. Half packed and it looks like everything is going to fit*. Whoot!

*by fit i mean most of my yarn is going with me. hiphip hooray!

p.s. going to start a cowl pretty soon and some scarflets so keep an eye out....