Friday, September 3, 2010

fizzled out

Well Hurricane Earl has came and mostly left. It was much less stressful than everyone, including me, thought. According to the previous reports, we were supposed to get killer wind and tons of rain. It rained just enough for me to wear my super awesome galoshes, but that was about it. Its stopped now and has been for the couple hours I've been out of class. Its not really windy either. There are a few boats out on the river right now too, if that gives any more indication of what the weather is like outside. My car did get tarped yesterday evening, and I honestly have no intention of uncovering it anytime soon, because, well, it means the inside of my car is still dry and I'm perfectly okay with that. When it gets sunny and not wet I guess I'll uncover it to go places. Right now, that's not my biggest concern. Some of the crazy kids who live at the beach are going home for the weekend to chase the storm or some nonsense like that. Crazies.

In other news, by Monday there will be two new little creatures that will be finished. super excited about that! I finished one part of them last night and its super cute so I can't wait for the other to get done. :)