Thursday, August 13, 2009

growing up ramble

I was told that you grow up the day that you have your first real laugh at yourself. Not completely sure that is true. There are many times when I have laughed at myself but none of those times have I ever really "grown up" from the experiance. It usually ends with me wishing I hadnt done whatever that was that caused the whole thing in the first place. Im starting to think that you grow up when you hit your first mid-life crisis prior to your mid-life. Unless you only plan on living forty years, then anytime in your twenties is fine for a crisis. Theres alot of things that go along with growing up. Unfortuently one is realizing that what you are working towards, you arent sure of doing anymore. That what you thought you were going to be when you offically "grew up" isnt exactly what you want to do anymore. And then realizing that everything changes on a day to day basis and you never realy know what you want till you get it. That and the urge to go out and buy a lotof shoes and/or a new vehicle and/or animal....that is probably the worst. The overriding urge to go out and do what the media and society says is normal to do. Fighting the system that surrounds is the hardest thing. That is what I believe is when you grow up. When you realize that the pressures that society has on you isnt what you really want or need. When you start to fight against that system you start to realize that its harder than what you expect. Then there's the whole being alone fighting the man thing. Thats a major bummer hudle to overcome. Its a daily battle.
ok. So that's my ramblings for the day. I have to go start my battle and try to fight through and decide what I need to do.