Tuesday, August 25, 2009

oh college...

So I felt kinda cool in class today. I knew who Wellhausen was and was able to define his work of literature and theory. If you dont know who he is...google. He's a pretty famous guyfrom the 1800's who wrote this peace of work thats about the Old Testament and who wrote it. OK, so tht souned a whole lot more boring than I thought it was before.
Today is a pretty ok day. Sans the part where I woke up at 8:31 thinking I was late to class, only to find out I rushed around for nothing because I dont have a early class on tuesdays or thursdays...go figure. But it did allow me to get to chapel early and take advantage of the fact that not many people were on the interweb yet. Oh and prepare for chapel. Which was awesome, if you were wondering. Worship chapels are my favorite because, 1. all songs and 2. dont have to keep up with a speaker. And its fun to watch all the people below me get really into a song and start dancing. Always a funny sight.
Its a neat thing to realize that you spoke to people in two different countries before noon. One from Germany and one from Japan. Oneis a new friend that seems like an old one, the other is one I've known since what seems like forever. Its a great feeling to have knowing you are liked around the world. It was also great hearing that Im liked by the international sensation in Japan (haha). Man, I mis my german friends a lot. It was never a dull moment over there and they had a ton of great ideas and I just liked how they looked at the world. My old friends, the ones I've known since elementary/middle/high school. Man they are awesome.
I have another hour before my last class....its a terrible thing. Because I want to nap but cant. Ahh the life of a college student.