Tuesday, August 4, 2009

hello bloggas

Its been a while since I updated. Honestly, there really hasnt been much going on but work and all the wonderful drama that goes along with it. Cant say that I dont like my job. Its pretty nice to have a steady job in a economy as amazing as ours. And I cant say that the people there arent some pretty awesome people. Ok, I'll admit I love my job! There are some bad days though...I mean, come one people! The store has been there for a little over ten years! We've always closed at 10pm! Don't try to come in at 9:59pm and expect me to be thrilled to check you out. I want to go home to my puppy too! But its all good. Tomorrow will be the last day I work there for three months. And somehow I was able to switch my eight hour shift for a five hour one. Pretty sweet!!
I guess the most exciting thing that will be happening is the show that is going on this weekend. Its called the Ozark Empire Fair and its in Springfield. I'm pretty stoked to be getting out of town and out of the house. Even if I do have to show a few animals to go. It'll be neat getting to see the people I started showing with and how we've all grown up. I've kinda missed showing and the stress and business of it all. I've started thinking about maybe getting a few again and starting it all up. This time on my terms and the way I always wanted to. But who knows? I still have to make it through college.
Speaking of college, it starts again very shortly. Im not sure how I feel about it. I just really want to be done with the whole school thing. Which is amazing becuase Im starting to think about a master's degree. But also the entire after school thing. Real life. Jobs and life afterwards. But hopefully, this year will be memorable and go by quickly so I can to the summer again ha ha.
So, generally, thats whats been happening in my land. Besides the fact I finally got my new laptop and am completely thrilled with it! I've got to log off and get back to the life outside the internet :) Peace out.