Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Work today, well yesterday, can be described in one made up word- suckage. Very few things seemed to go right and most of the time I felt like I was breaking everything. Luckily I know how to fake a smile and get through things like that. Mentally I was cursing who ever invented the stupid machines and decided to not pick up the phone for customer support and fix the stupid things. Ugh. This one place had me on hold for 15 mins. They only had one soft jazz song that started with a high pitch note from hades. It looped about ever minute or so. Ugh. Now its 13:40 at night and my mind is so wound up and angry that I can't sleep. drat drat drat darn. I just want to fuss and moan and kick. I'd like to go ride or something to get out all of this anger, but I can't cause its dark out. Darn you sun for not waiting up for me! bahumbug.