Sunday, June 20, 2010

i can't hear you

I want to type about something, but there isn't much to type about. I spent the vast majority of my day at work and will do the same tomorrow. Tomorrow is my Friday, which always throws me off a little.. I finally asked for more evening shifts Tues-Thurs because I get antsy with nothing to do on those days. A lot of my life seems to revolved around work. Regardless if I hate it or love it, it takes a lot of my time and effort. Sometimes I feel as if its all that happens, and other times it seems like there isn't enough of it. Most of the time I just wish I didn't have to work on Sundays, or at least Sunday mornings because I'd like to go to church again. Its weird and not weird to not be going to church every Sunday. I grew up not going to church, so its kinda normal for me not to. But on the other hand its something that I do for the majority of the year...not that its a hard habit to break.

The television is unusually loud in this house. To me, its deafening. To others, its barely audible...Honestly it hurts my ears a lot. I always feel a little deafer when I have to sit with it on because I can't hear people talking to me. It reminds me of middle school band when I had to sit next to the worst flute player...ewwwww