Monday, June 14, 2010


Today I work 3-10, which throws me off because I have been working morning shifts and right now, I feel as if its a day off of work. I kinda wish I did have the day off because I'm just tired. I spent 10.5 hours in the store yesterday. And for me there gets to be a point where there is nothing to do. I hate being that person who will focus and get everything done because for the last five hours of work, I have nothing to do. To find something yesterday I cleaned the register. As in, there is no dust on that thing. Everything was cleaned off and dusted and looking pretty when I left last night. Hopefully tonight there'll be a stack of tags to stick or papers to cut or something to put up. I'm not fond of being that person who sits around on their duff and gets paid. So I stand. A lot. And bag. And beg for something, anything to do. I probably drive my boss crazy asking for something to do, because the others don't ever seem to want to do anything. Oh well. After today, I get the next four days off. Which I really like. I like my job. I get to rack up lots of hours while having a few days off. Greatness.

Other than that. Its still weird here.