Sunday, June 6, 2010

things vs reality

Things I wanted to do today:

  • Go to town and gas up my car
  • Grab my work schedule
  • Work on decluttering my room
  • Go through books
  • Take Harley on a walk
  • Laundry
Things that got done (so far) today:
  • 3 movies
  • one basket gone through
  • Laundry
For a day off, I'm still considering this a productive day. Only other thing I really want to do is pick cherries...but I don't think I'm going to do that either. Kinda tired. Kinda worn out. Just want to chill out and do nothing. I'd like to go out and skate, but can't. I'd love to go out and ride, but can't. Its. Sunday. And my power just went came back on. Its been happening a lot lately. Oh well. Ho hum.
I think the turn-around shift killed me. 3-10Friday, 8-4:30 Saturday. I feel like I live there sometimes. Tomorrow is another 8-4 least I won't be up half the night cause of work.