Wednesday, July 14, 2010

dirty horses.

Well, my mini vacation was great and relaxing. I didn't see a whole lot of people like I hoped I would. Everyone had a silly rehearsal up in a town that was too far for me to go to. But it was nice just hanging out with my friend and not worrying about family stuff or work, just chilling. Unfortuently, I go back today. For nine hours. In five days I'm getting in 41 hours- before clock in/out time. Its crazy. And mostly because there's this annual picnic in town (that i never go to) so everyone else wants off. Cool by me, just means more hours which means more money.

Yesterday I brought up my three extremely fat horses. Currently, they are out in the round pen eating all the grass in sight. I washed one yesterday too, Lacy. It took hours to get that horse clean because she was so knotted and dirty. She also rolls a lot so her bath lasted all of 30 mins before she got dirty again. The other two are getting baths this week too, just not today. Hopefully I can get one done tomorrow before I have to take them back down to the big pastures. I can;t wait to have them up here all the time. Its so much easier to work with them when they are steps outside verses long walk.

In other news, its hot as hades out there. Literally. Stepped out side at 8am, got the breath sucked out of me from all the humidity. Pretty sure I could drink the air if I tried. Gosh I love summer!