Wednesday, July 21, 2010

trash shows

Today was mildly productive. Managed to read and finish two books and rearrange my room. Also just found out that I just de-fung shui'ed my room which I'm sure will just destroy the flow of energy and completely throw off the yin and yang. Oh well just darn it. If it doesn't work, I'll just move it back the way it was.

Currently, I am obsessed with mild trash drama shows. Secret life of the American Teenager, Teen Mom, Ellen (which isn't real trash, but still highly addictive), Obsessed, Hoarders, etc. No idea why but they just draw me in and I have to keep watching just to see what happens and why. But I can't turn them off or pass by if I have a few hours to spare watching them. I should get addicted to the history channel, that way I can learn something.

well, this blog is getting dull. so i'm going to go finish my laundry and get a giant bowl of ice cream. yay ice cream!